MobyMax for 3rd Grade Teachers

MobyMax’s adaptive learning solution supports all the objectives of a 3rd grade classroom, including enrichment and intervention in these popular subjects:


Teach Me lessons and adaptive learning covering the full scope of 3rd grade standards, including arithmetic, fractions, and measurement.

Fact Fluency

Students move from instruction to automaticity with customizable sessions of fact practice in a spiraled, gamified environment.

Reading Level Assessment

Estimate reading levels to help with the selection of appropriately challenging texts.


The backbone of ELA growth for many students. This standards-aligned subject covers grammar, punctuation, vocabulary strategies, and more.

Writing Workshop

Prewriting, drafting, revising, and editing lessons for opinion, explanatory, and narrative writing projects.

Spelling Lists

Who doesn’t love a good spelling lesson? Compile custom word lists and assign them out to individuals, groups, or the entire class.


A highly visual, hands-on module featuring life, earth, and physical science. 3rd grade content includes plants, ecosystems, and matter.

Social Studies

Introduce 3rd graders to important cultural and civics concepts, including early America, citizenship skills, world geography, and more.

Taken together, these MobyMax modules deliver the systematic and explicit phonics instruction proven by research to be effective for developing young readers.

Save Time and Keep Students Engaged


Motivation at its finest. Students earn gain time by successfully completing lessons and learning new skills.

Fluency Tests

Quickly assess automaticity and understanding in all four arithmetic fields.


Competition brings out the best in many students. Set your own time frame and scoring criteria and let the learning commence.


Students will love collecting cross-curricular badges as they progress through lessons.


Every classroom looks better when the walls are decorated with proof of achievement.

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