MobyMax for 8th Grade Teachers

Moby prepares students for high school by finding and fixing learning gaps. Middle school teachers can help struggling learners quickly catch up to grade level and close learning gaps for all students in the following subjects:


Teach Me lessons covering the full scope of 8th grade standards, including irrational numbers, square roots, and functions.


The backbone of ELA growth for many students. This standards-aligned subject covers moods, mechanics, analogies, and more.

Reading Skills

An entry point into deeper reading, with a focus on craft, structure, and knowledge integration in literature and informational texts.

Writing Workshop

Prewriting, drafting, revising, and editing for various writing projects, including persuasive essay, cause and effect, and short story.


Highly visual and hands-on lessons. 8th grade content includes models and simulations, technology, and engineering

Social Studies

Introduce 8th graders to important cultural and civics concepts, including early humans, world history, and citizenship skills.

Taken together, these MobyMax modules deliver the systematic and explicit phonics instruction proven by research to be effective for developing young readers.

Save Time and Keep Students Engaged


Competition brings out the best in many students. Set your own time frame and scoring criteria and let the learning commence.

Class Discussion Board

Drive collaboration and work on digital citizenship with ongoing group conversations and assignments.

Direct Messaging

Communicate directly with students about their progress, results, and goals in MobyMax.

Fluency Team Games

A gamified approach to fluency practice, with randomly assigned teams working to master individual skills.

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