MobyMax for Remote Learning

    Guides to Using Moby for Remote Learning

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    Quick Guide: Using Moby from Home

    Guía rápida: Usando Moby desde casa

    The guide includes five pages of essential info for families using Moby from home, including instructions for accessing and navigating MobyMax, deciding what to work on, and completing lessons.



    Teacher's Guide to Remote Learning

    In this guide, we explore MobyMax through a remote learning lens, with an eye toward keeping students moving forward under  challenging circumstances.

    Part 1: Setting Goals & Monitoring Usage

    Part 2: Communicating with Students & Parents

    Part 3: Keeping Students Motivated

    Part 4: Retaining a Sense of Community

    Part 5: Assigning Lessons & Monitoring Progress



    Admin Overview of Remote Learning

    Learn how Moby can address the biggest instructional challenges associated with a range of re-opening scenarios.

    Fully Virtual Learning

    Blended Learning with Rotating Classes

    Blended Learning with Split Classes

    Virtual Academy

    Modified Onsite Instruction


    MobyMax Free Live Training Webinars

    Join a free session and learn how to use Moby to differentiate and fix learning gaps in all subjects, whether you’re in your classroom or teaching from home. We’ll cover a broad range of topics, like Moby for Beginners, MobyMax at Home, Customizing Content, and Engaging Students.

    Schedule of upcoming webinars.

    How-to Videos for Teachers

    Make a Video Lesson (5:52)

    How to prepare and send a video lesson to your students at home

    Create Assignments (6:48)

    How to assign lessons, assessments, or fluency games for your students at home

    Automatically Assign Lessons (3:15)

    How to automatically assign lessons for students at home

    Live Virtual Lessons (5:01)

    How to teach a live virtual lesson with Moby’s curriculum

    Make Practice More Fun (4:33)

    Use Fluency Games to make online practice more fun

    Teach Me Videos (3:19)

    Moby's Teach Me videos offer high-quality instruction

    Assess Student Growth (3:07)

    How to use Benchmarker to assess student growth

    Writing Workshop (2:41)

    Leading a writing workshop with Moby's Writing Workshop module

    How to Improve Writing (3:04)

    How to quickly incorporate writing into your daily schedule

    Science & Social Studies (3:11)

    How to integrate science and social studies into your reading block

    Student Motivation (3:32)

    How to motivate and encourage students with MobyMax

    Team Moby is Here to Help!

    Our support team is ready to facilitate your move to remote learning. We’re here from 7:00 AM – 6:00 PM Eastern every Monday – Friday.

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    Call us 7am - 6pm Eastern Standard Time Monday through Friday and get connected to a Moby expert who can help you right away.

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    Send us an email, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.  Response times average about an hour.


    Online Help Center

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